Upgrade to Umbraco 8

Since the release of 8, Umbraco 6 & 7 are no longer subject to regular maintenance, aside from the implementation of essential security patches.

Umbraco 8

Umbraco 8 boasts vastly improved stability, a more refined user experience, and built-in functions to help manage multilingual content.

Since upgrading a number of client sites to run on the latest version of the CMS, we’ve noticed significant performance improvements across the board. 


An experienced team you can trust

When it's time to upgrade, you want someone with experienced and reliable oversight across every aspect of the process.

Our team consists entirely of Umbraco-certified Masters, who are familiar with the innermost workings of the CMS and are able to advise exactly how best to make the latest version work for your particular needs.

Enquire about an upgrade

No upgrade is beyond the capabilities of our expert team, so why not get in touch.