Azure Hosting

Microsoft Azure is Umbraco’s recommended hosting platform, offering a scalable cost-effective solution for hosting your site. Our team can help you get the most out of your hosting setup, offering a tailored service for everything from small to high-traffic sites.

How we can help

We can get your Umbraco site setup in one of Microsoft's 54+ locations, ensuring you're as close to your users as possible.

Have an existing Azure setup and need some help? No worries! We can jump on a call to provide clear, workable solutions to common challenges, or look closer at issues that require deeper investigation.

Autoscale to meet demand

Autoscaling keeps your site performing when demand increases, and is facilitated by Azure. Rather than waiting for large spikes of traffic to down your site, autoscaling offers the flexibility to plan ahead and prevent the complications and stress of rushing to revive a downed site during peak hours.

Some specific configuration is required for autoscaling to work effectively with Umbraco, but our team of experts can do this for you!

We have helped some high-profile organisations scale from 1 to 60+ servers without lifting a finger.

We'd love to hear from you...

Our expert team can tackle any Azure question, big or small. Give us a call on 020 8135 9465 or leave your details below!